Kontinuum™ Walkthrough

Delivering Quality Unified Communcations
Requires a
Unified Service Platform

The Kontinuum™
Service Platform Helps You Control the Software & the Network
So You Can Deliver Perfect End User Quality

- Unified Control & Visibility Across Vendor & IT Component
- Monitors Call Quality & Server Performance Problems
- Detects Changes & Threats To End User Experience
- Integrates Network, QoS & Application Management
- Responds with Automated Insight & Recommendations
- Subscription Based & Easy to Deploy

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Key Strategic Points Kontinuum
Quality of Experience – UC & IPBX: QoS and End User management Yes
Network Infrastructure – Bandwidth & Application Performance Yes
Server Management – Windows Server & IT Administration Yes
Remote Access – Secure Remote Administration Yes
Service Provider / VAR / Partner Focused Yes
Windows Patch Management No
Virus / Security Management No
Pricing strategy Market
Vendor Support
UC – IPBX: MS – Lync / OCS Yes
UC – IPBX: Cisco Yes
UC – IPBX: Avaya Yes
UC – IPBX: Nortel Yes
UC – IPBX: Mitel Yes
UC – IPBX: Shoretel Yes
Network: Cisco Yes
Network: Juniper Yes
Network: HP – Network Yes
Network: Adtrans Yes
Network: Fortinet Yes
Servers: Microsoft Servers Yes
Servers: VMWare Yes
Servers: Linux Yes
Quality of Experience – Passive Yes
Quality of Experience – Active Call Testing Yes
Quality of Experience – Pre-network Assessments Yes
Quality of Experience – Call Detail Records Yes
Quality of Experience – Agentless ICMP echo analysis Yes
Quality of Experience – Cisco IPSla Yes
Virtualization Performance Yes
NetFlow Yes
sFlow Yes
Interface Bandwidth Yes
Snmp Get Yes
Snmp Trap Yes
TraceRoute Yes
Syslog Yes
Website Testing Yes
Telnet Yes
Ping Yes
Scripting Yes
Simple roll-up color coding of customer status Yes
Topographical (Visio Style) Live Diagramming Yes
Google Maps Integration for Geographical Visibility Yes
Customer portal designed to demonstrate service value Yes
Live “inline” & real-time gathering from device (updates every 2 secs) Yes
Robust & expandable reporting (output to HTML, Excel, PDF…) Yes
Scheduled & Automatic delivery of reports Yes
Drill down reporting Yes
“Customer” Executive reports for account reviews Yes
Top 10 Reports mashup key metrics across all of the infrastructure Yes
Web 2.0 GUI for 100% of interface – fat clients or other interfaces needed Yes
Change Control / Change Management
Detect and alert when configuration state inside network devices has changed Yes
Customer reporting for when customer device status or configurations changed Yes
Backup Network Devices Yes
Transactional transfer of backup files to customer selected data stores Yes
Remote Access
Secure Remote Access to customer sites without network changes Yes
Integration w/ Remote Desktop Protocol Yes
Integration w/ VNC Family of Products Yes
Integration w/ Putty / Telnet Family of Products Yes
Integration w/ Browsing remote devices Yes
Monitoring & Notification
Unified Alert Management across all vendors and devices Yes
Smart thresholding – mutliple times in a row sensativity Yes
Optional – Automatic Disarm of rules after Notifications occur Yes
Automatic closure of Alerts when rule violations resolve themselves Yes
Scheduled monitoring and notification windows to match customer contracts Yes
Multi – condition rule engine Yes
Customized alert messages Yes
No additional licenses or 3rd party solutions required Yes
Requires 1 Server instance per customer site
Hosted or Premise Yes
MSP – ready with Customer multi-tenanting Yes
Agent Strategy
Must Have 1 Agent per Target Device
Supports 1 Remote Agent for many Target Devices Yes
Optional, innexpensive appliance for remote agent Yes