Kontinuum™ Monitoring Software

Unified Communications spans many critical IT components and requires Unified Management in order to deliver a quality, trusted experience. Take for example: SIP, VoIP & Microsoft OCS running over converged networks. Application quality from deployment to ongoing service is at risk and management software and expertise is required to get the control and visibility needed.

  • Customers want more control of their applications
  • Service providers need to remove risk and deliver IT management value
  • What’s Needed: To remove the risk of Unified Communications

Kontinuum™ has a SaaS architecture with distributed agents that allow it’s unique Outside-In visibility that reduces the risk of running applications that have some dependency on off-site infrastructure.

What Services Does Kontinuum™ Enable?

  • Application Testing
  • Performance Analysis
  • Change Management
  • 24 / 7 Eye-In-The-Sky Monitoring & Response
  • Diagnostics
  • Reporting / Analytics
  • Executive Health Review
  • SLA Reporting
  • Infrastructure Analysis & Recommendations

Kontinuum™ Capabilities

  1. Network, Application, Remote Access & Server management in one platform
  2. Manages across all major vendors & across all major IT components
  3. Manages across all major tasks: Assess, Monitor, Alert, Troubleshoot & Report
  4. First solution to give hybrid off-site and on-site visibility and control
  5. Everything needed to deliver Application Management as a Service