About Servera, Inc

Our team has decades of experience delivering successful products in the IT Management software industry. Servera’s Kontinuum product line focuses on reducing the growing risk of applications that rely on off-site infrastructure.

The Outside-In design and mentality means that if the cloud and the onsite network are one they should be managed by one  solution. Right now there is a big gap in control, visibility and understanding of the dependencies that exist when applications require off-site providers. Enterprise tools are designed from the Inside-Out. They are installed internal to the  network and have little ability to speak about the Cloud or off-site infrastructure which is now mission critical but undermanaged. As an example Inside-Out tools are capably handling internal applications produced and managed by internal IT.   What about the myriad of applications that weren’t signed off by IT that force them to fix a problem that “isn’t theirs”.


The Servera team is growing to meet the demands of our partners and customers. If you are a highly motivated, self starter and are interested in IT management and SaaS we may need your skills. We are currently looking for:

  • Sales Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sr. Java Engineers


We are a privately held company without need of financing. Thanks for reaching out and we’re always happy to tell you more about the market and our products.


Please contact us at press@servera-inc.com if we can help out in any way.